jueves, 24 de marzo de 2011

TRIBUTO A DIO "....Of elves, rainbows and crosses"

Tributo y portada del homenaje a Dio realizado por bandas Españolas.

LUJURIA "Long Live rock and roll"
MURO "Kill the king"
PANZER "Man on the silver mountain"
AVULSED "Neon knights"
BLACK SHARK "I speed at night"
SOBREDOSIS "Holy diver"
SANTELMO "Rainbow in the dark"
ARWEN "Rock´n´roll children"
METROPOLIS VI "Hungry for heaven"
HYBRIS "Night people"
MANZANO "Catch the rainbow"
SARATOGA "We rock"
RINGELING "Stand up and shout"
MEGARA "Heaven and hell"
VENDAVAL "Killing the dragon"
TALESIEN "Dream evil"
MASTER EVIL "The mob rules"
ZARPA "Don´t talk to strangers"
CRIPTA "Evil eyes"
SPHINX "The last in line"
DRAGONFLY "Die young"
ZENOBIA "king of rock´n´roll"
EMBOQUE "Children of the sea"
OPERA MAGNA "Tarot woman"
ADGAR "Sunset Superman"
BEETHOVEN R. "Caught in the middle"
GAUNLET "Jesus, Mary & The Holy Ghost"
WARLIES (miembros de MEDINA AZAHARA) "Gates of Babylon"

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